Workout Tips to Get Back in Shape Fast

Being a couch potato might be enjoyable and free. You don’t have to work out, no worries of going to the gym and most importantly enjoy the warmth in cold weather and air conditioning in summers. But it comes at price diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and many other diseases. So, get up and make your life better by doing some workout. Don’t worry because getting back in shape is not that hard, you just have to keep going. After all, it is your health is getting better, do it for yourself. Here is how to get the body you love or will love.

Compound workout


Strength training or simple workouts, exercises that bring the best out by engaging multiple muscles at one time are best. They are most important when you are trying to get in shape or get back in shape, the right way. Exercising in workout clothes that are made for this purpose, is the right way. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench-presses and different versions of these exercises are simple examples of workouts that engage multiple muscles. Deadlifts and squats are my favorites by the way. The benefit of these exercises, that work on multiple muscles collectively not only helps them get in shape but also strengthens them. This helps in making you strong. The first goal should be to burn the fat with these exercises. 

Fat burning exercises


Because of being a sloth for such a long time, most of the fast gather around our belly and this is the worst most stubborn type of fat. Burning it, getting rid of it is our first priority. Exercises like burpees, mountain climber, jumping squats and plans will help you get rid of it while strengthening the core. There are plenty of others too!

HIIT workouts


HIIT, high-intensity interval training or workout are great and fast solutions to burn the fat fast. This is good for us who haven’t been in touch with the workout and exercise world for some time. I like it because it lets you have little rest periods in between the workouts thus I don’t feel like working myself out wearing everything, while I actually am! Do you know what is the best thing about this, in simple terms the body keeps on burning calories after you are done working out? So, you’ll be burning calories while watching TV.

Set focused goals


Just joining or starting exercise can make your efforts go to waste and by setting achievable realistic goals you would be able to see the path clearly and achieve get to the destinations you want. For instance, think about losing one inch of belly fat in a week or losing 100Lbs, etc. Just don’t be disheartened if it couldn’t be achieved in the beginning. Need some motivation, pumping up? Here is how to keep yourself motivated, this will help you keep going.  

Change things up


Bring some change in your workout’s routine, and don’t be afraid to do so. After some time, the body gets used to the exercise and it does not have any effect. The change will keep the muscles guessing and keep on increasing our strength. Plus, it does not let you get bored with the same routine. Increasing the intensity, change in exercise, or mixing up exercises are few options.

Pick up the pace


When trying to get in shape there is no room for being sloppy. However, keep this in mind, going all out, in the beginning, will seem good as you would be losing weight initially but with time, you’ll burnout and start backtracking. Shifting from “no worked out” to “working out twice a day for the whole week” is too much. You can start light and gradually increase as you feel like it. Consistency and patience are the keys when it comes to weight loss. Fine toned muscles will not appear overnight. This would be different for every person, so analyze yourself and manage it.

Yes, you can

Making up your mind that it is impossible will make things impossible. Weight loss and fit body is a game of mindset. To be successful we have to think like one, then act like one, make goals and achieve them, never give up, and eventually, we become one. there are setbacks in everyone’s life overcoming these and staying on track is the key. If you need time to figure out the schedule and adjusting to the routine take it. Realize hurdles and make your path. Talking to your trainer or friend will help with this.