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Ways Your Body Changes When You Start Working Out

Exercise is good for us but how is it good and what happens to the body when you start working out? The process might seem straight and simple to you but it is not. You do not start feeling better as you start working out, in fact, the body and mind go through a path. There is a lot happening when you are working out or start working out. It can be the quite opposite of what you think happens. As you work out over a longer period fewer things change. Knowing these you can act wisely and improve your health. For the most part, all you have to do is wear workout clothes that are appropriate, be persistent, eat a healthy, good and balanced diet, and be there every day. 

First things 

The very first thing, you are out of breath and have accelerated heartbeat, but it is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about. This is your heart and body responding to change. The first few weeks are tough but as you go along things start to feel easier because your body starts to adapt. If you are starting or re-starting, thoughts like pain, sore muscles, etc. would have already crossed your mind but do not think about that. If you want to start, just start, what is the worst that could happen and if you do not start now, you’ll wish that you would have started earlier. You’ll feel some changes after a week, some after months and even a year. 

The body changes but not instantly. Do not get disappointed and just keep ongoing. So, here are the ways your body changes when you start working out and what you can expect from it.

Sore muscles

Muscle Sore After Workout

Muscles get sore especially in the beginning, this could make you lose motivation but do not fall into the trap. The muscles get sore because your body is not used to such activity. When they are sore the body is actually sending help and more fibers to fix it and as a result, you get stronger muscles and great physique. You might have heard about the phrase “no pain, no gain” it is actually very true. 

Just do it right, seek help from a friend or professional. An injury, in the beginning, can lead you to “no exercising anymore.” Wearing tight, baggy, or wrong clothes can result in muscle injury or soreness, get yourself right shirts and bottoms

Active brain 

You are not a dummy; that is not what we mean. Working out makes more blood to reach muscles and brain thus your brain increases performance. Brain cells are more active now and you feel alert, awake and focused. You might feel fatigued in the beginning but after a short time, it gets right and better than before. 

Reduced Body Fat

It is time to burn some fat. Workouts burn fats but how? Because of increased energy demands, the body starts to utilize the fat to fulfill the needs by turning it into protein and glucose. This way your body fat is reduced and used in a better place. This does not mean at all that eating burgers, pizzas and going to the gym will still reduce fat. Manage your calorie intake and calories burned. Get yourself a diet plan and track the nutrition on a daily basis. 

Boosted mood

Working out releases endorphins in your body. They help reduce the pain and as a result trigger positive and happy feelings. The feeling is often compared to similar of morphine. Not only during exercises but when you are done with it more endorphins are released which increases and boots your mood. Thus, you have boosted mood because of working out. 

Increased Energy Level

In the beginning, you will most probably feel tired all the time, down and not ready to do a thing. This is because you have not worked like that in your life ever before. Do not feel demotivated because this is a subtle downside that you must face for a short time because the body needs time to adjust to things. once your body is adjusted to it you will notice increased energy levels and active body, well most of the time. This also depends on what is your daily routine and work.

We will not get too nerdy here and just say that with time the body generates more energy and power which will keep you going throughout the day. As a result, you will be active and energized as physical work will be easier for you. Do not believe us, go on try it out yourself. 

Feeling Better

You would have heard from the enthusiasts that exercise and working out makes you feel better. But it was nothing to you until you started working out yourself. Now, you are telling people and they are acting the same. As a result of exercise, you will be getting good sleep because you were tired, the body will rest well, you will be more focused instead of being sleepy all day, muscles get stronger, health gets better and there are a lot of other things. These are only changes on the body let along with peace of mind. The positive vibes occupy your mind you spend less time on bad thoughts and things. 

Working out improves oxygen reach to the body. More oxygen to the brain, the better it works, the better it assists you in daily life, and everything is good. Now you can understand things, focus on and solve problems. Most importantly you are not burned out after a few flights of stairs. 

Better metabolism

When you are new to exercise and workouts the body is not used to burn as many calories. So, then it needs to fuel up and you find yourself hungry than you were ever before. Do not get worried or ignore it just make sure you are eating a healthy and proper diet. Diet is important as it is going to help muscles recover which will make you stronger. Maintain a balance of proteins, carbs, and some fats as well.

But as your body gets used to the workouts and exercises you still are eating more. One of the reasons is that it has now become a habit and the body is working accordingly. Thus, your metabolism rate is increased and better, so this is a good thing.


Working out not only makes muscles but it also makes the cells strong. It improves your blood flow level increasing fitness overall. After only one month of training, you will note that it is easier to do pushups, lift more weights and run longer distances that seemed impossible to you before. The enhanced limits depend on what sort of workout you are doing. You will get better at what you practice. In the process of getting better and better not only your body but also your mind is getting fit. 

Thus, in the process, you get the fitness that you needed. Low blood pressure, fewer chances of heart diseases, better breathing, etc. this is just a glimpse. The walk to store a few blocks away would not shout “oh no” in your mind and the stairs would not seem a serial killer to you anymore. You would not have to rest every few steps you take and carrying shopping bags is no more a problem. Life is easier.

Skin Problems

This is one of the side effects of working out but you can save yourself from it easily. Sweating is good and necessary when working out but it can lead to acne and more skin problems. When you are working out it is completely fine and no worries of acne. It is the time after you have done it, it can be after the gym or during short breaks between workouts. That moist sweaty environment is ideal for bacteria. A few ways that it can affect are; not clean clothes, dirty towels or not washed recently, etc. 

These sorts of things are avoidable by just being careful and responsible for your things. Rinse your clothes in warm water if you cannot wash them, do not work out with makeup on (even if it says breathable), use a mild cleanser to wash your face, wash the hands and feet too. Let the sweat to evaporate or dry and then take a bath, now get on with your routine. 

Sweat can cause bacteria and allergies to the body. Your regular clothes soak up sweat causing the very thing. Buy from these men and women workout clothing sections, let your body breath and sweat wick away.

Muscle growth

If you lift weights then you will yourself notice changes after 6 to 8 months. This is because your muscles get torn and repaired repetitively and it makes the muscle strong and bigger. Growth in muscles results in a better-looking body and compliments from people. Do not rush for it just go with the flow and take it to step by step. You will eventually get there. Not only looks but your body will also be stronger than before. You might not notice it yourself so take measurements before and after 6 months. Do not lose hope!

Improved bone health

In weight-bearing or weight lifting exercises you are working against the gravity and the body is trying to get up from there. This improves your bone health and strengthens the. A study proves that resistance training also improves bone density. Some of these exercises include running, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, and more. 

Mental Health

Exercising has mental and physical benefits. It reduces and releases stress, anxiety and improves confidence, as a result, you feel better. We all know all about it. So, hitting the gym or going to that sports class daily can release all your worries keeping you sane and fit mentally and physically. 

Goodnight sleep

This one is a good side effect of working out. Working out, exercising, and playing sports like tennis, swimming, etc. they all make you tired and exhausted. So, at the end of the day when you go to bed, you will have a good sleep. Next day you get up fresh and ready to go all out.  Getting good and enough sleep helps your body recover and make progress but you should be comfortable while sleeping. If you are not getting enough or proper sleep it can mess up your system. Testosterone and hormones that make your muscles strong and helps them grow are released the most when you are asleep. You see, even some side effects of working out are good!

Confidence boost

Working out increases your confidence, simple and straight. Not exactly sure what it is as it can be different for every person. You feel confident and strengthened because of working out that is for sure. 

As we have disused above, exercising releases many chemicals into the body and brain. They are responsible for making your brain more focused and strengthened so you have strong will power to solve things quicker and better.

Do not quit

Setbacks are a part of every venture of life, not just working out but in every little and big thing you do. So do not get worried or feeling down because of that, it is okay because they are a part of your life. The only thing you should be focused on should be how to overcome them and to learn something from it. There will be a time when you will wish to give up and times when you would not be able to get up and stop doing it. Your brain might also tell you that it is not important and everything is just not worth it, no progress is happening, etc. 

Do not listen to that voice it is the devil inside you that wants to become a sweet fat couch potato. Do not beat yourself up because you missed a day or two of working out. The thing is to get back in there. Just make sure you are not missing some specific day on purpose. For instance, do not miss the leg day every time or it will become a habit. 

Sloppiness can be avoided by some of the following methods. Get a workout or training partner, share your goals and score points, pay for the membership or trainer, tell yourself “I’ll skip some other day” every time. If you are still sloppy then you need to be serious with yourself. Happy workouts!