Time to Get Post-Holiday Workout Motivation and Get Back to Fitness

If you could not keep yourself fit on holidays, then first off it is your mistakes. Chilling out and forgetting about the fitness back, how pleasurable was it? Now it is time to get back to the real world. But the thing is now getting back to workout is not easy as it seemed. If you can easily get back to the gym and start working on your fitness goals then consider yourself one of the chosen ones. We all deserve a good vacation, but the problem is getting back. 

The reality hits hard and this is more difficult than you thought it would be, the motivational loss is the real problem here. This further keeps us from going to the gym ultimately giving up. But you can overcome the situation and get back to the gym from day one. Kill the holiday blues and regain the workout motivation with our tips. Follow along and you will be back on track in no time. 

You would not have to start from scratch again

Enjoy Holiday Season Walk

Everything you have ever worked for didn’t go to vain. Most of us think that we would have to start from scratch but that is not the case. Second, our muscles need a break from time to time. So, a two- or three-week break is actually good. Plus, this is like a short break considering the grand workout plan. The body has a limited supply of adaptive energy which runs up after some time. 

When the tank is empty you have to refill it, going on without it only makes things worse. A break after months of the workout will get you refilled, gets muscles relaxed and ready, plus you have a change of things. 

Gained a few pounds? Don’t stress over it 

Gained a few pounds? Don’t stress over it

Your old workout shorts or trousers don’t fit? Well, this should not have come as a shock to you. Not working out at all would obviously put some weight on you. But you should not be worried about this at all. Just like said above you need to take a break, this includes a mental break too. Constantly thinking about weight gain will ruin the holiday fun. 

So, forget about the weight fluctuation but try to eat healthily, or not. Gaining a few pounds is completely normal and natural. There is a way to reduce it to some extent though. Avoid getting off the fitness track during holidays by following some simple tricks and tips. 

Should you start where you left?

start where you left is hard

Starting right from where you started or even harder than ever before seems tempting but it is not a good idea. Doing so increases injury risk because you haven’t been working out for a while. So, the best way is to bring it down a notch for the time being. After a week or two, you would be back at your A-game. 

However, if the tapered down workout is still too hard or impossible, switch to different workout types for the time being. 

Work on the post-vacation goals

lace up Shoes

Setting some new goals will definitely give you post vacation motivation and something to work on. It could be anything like gaining more muscle, losing some fat, or doing both, working for abs or decreasing your BMI. Kick the holiday blues in the face. You can complete them in a month and get back to old goals or continue working on these alongside. 

Control factors and get positive results

nutrient-rich diet

Things like diet, rest and recovery, etc. definitely affect workout and results. Controlling and maintaining these can give you positive results and help get back on track quickly. Water intake, proper nutrient-rich diet, good timely sleep, and proper recovery periods are a thing to take note of. 

We all have busy lives and loads of work to do, but your body is definitely important and without it, you don’t have anything. Instead of working late at night get sound 6-8 hours of sleep and wake up early to complete the work. You have to be responsible here. Of course, your diet would alter depending on your goals. 

Enjoy working out

Making it a headache for yourself won’t take you far. After relishing holidays going back to the gym should not feel like a suicide mission. You can maybe change workout time, routine, exercises, think of what gains you have made. Try making this a part of your life, adapt this lifestyle. Remember why did you start and what you have to achieve. Find an ideal and look up to them. Remember your goals. Do it for yourself and not others. Fix the problem don’t ignore it. 

Start with a warm-up and stretching. Don’t stress too much if you gained weight or lost some. Just like you enjoyed the holidays without thinking about the gym and workout. Now is the time to enjoy your workout. Just keep on going and you will be good, remember never to give up.