The Must-Have Workout and Gym Essentials

 Looking at your best at the gym is not easy and we know what type of clothes you need. Comfortable, good looking, and sweat friendly clothes will not only make you look good but you will be comfortable in those. Getting yourself the right workout apparel is the basic thing you need in order to have maximum performance.

Whether you are going to the gym or some other workout class following list, of must-have workout and gym essentials, will guide through. Following these rules, you can easily be prepared for any type of workout. Born Tough got your back, we have a great collection of workout and gym apparel that you should have a look on. 


Whether it be running, weight training or some sports you always need shoes according to the kind of activity you would be doing. It is important because proper foot grip is required for better results. Know what you are doing and get shoes accordingly.


Workout Tank Tops

Great workout tops come in different forms from shirts, tank tops, polos, and sweats. The material and style you should choose depend on the weather, type of workout, and your comfort. Whatever you might be buying it should be performance and athletic wear because it helps in keeping the sweat always, your body cool, and result in better performance. This way you will be comfortable and able to push your body.


Workout Bottom

Just like the tops, bottoms should have all those mentioned features. When you will have a great performance workout top and bottom you will always have a great workout. Do not rely on one pair, buy a few that are enough for at least three days. Always launder them before use, or after a workout, just to be on the safe side. 


Workout Hoodie

Just like you do not wear warm clothes in summer, switch towards the right clothing for winter as well. Get a layer on even if you only need it when going to the gym because that few minutes in cold without an outer layer could do so much damage to your body.


Are your regular or formal shoes appropriate for the gym? Then how could be your underwear? Don’t dress wrong to the gym and wear them underwear that is made for workouts. There are plenty of options available to choose from.

Gym Bag

Gym Bag

Gym Bags are necessary as you must carry the required items with you to the gym. Here is a list of items we think you must pack or put in your bags. A towel, water bottle, deodorant, snack if you need it before or after, protein shake in a bottle, and clothes if you have any plans to change. Everyone has their own choice but a backpack or duffle bags are good.