Keep Yourself Fit On Holidays With These Exercises

It is already hard to work out in daily routine and on holidays workout is of the least importance. Most of us willingly give it up while the rest just don’t remember doing it at all. Skipping exercise is one of the reasons why we cannot maintain our physique or fitness level. Working out during the holidays has many benefits like it will give you energy, keep your fitness and goals intact, after the holidays, you don’t have to start over with the fitness goals, and give you the energy to enjoy holidays to your fullest. On top of everything it saves you from the stress, you will have after the holidays are over and you see yourself in the mirror or weight scale.

The following are some tips and tricks on how you can maintain a balance between workout and enjoying your holiday. We will let you know how to do that today. So, from now on you can really enjoy the holidays without worrying about getting off track with fitness. The holiday season is upon you so get ready and prepare according to our guidelines and everything will be alright. Just as you are planning don’t forget to bring workout clothes according to the weather.

You don’t need to go to the gym, as these exercises can be done in your hotel room or anywhere you want. If you want to add weight to it just lift your suitcase or some water bottle or maybe bring your weights with you. 


Holiday Planning

Do you ever go on holiday without any prior planning? If you do, then this time you have to change. Planning ahead will let you keep yourself on track. Search for walking paths, running trails, and parks this way you can enjoy a morning walk and do some bodyweight exercises there. See if the hotel you will be staying in has a pool and if it is big enough to swim. Swimming is a great exercise. Some hotels also have gyms so you can go there for a short time and keep yourself fit. You can explore the city on foot, it is better with friends or family because then you wouldn’t get bored. Whenever you get the time do some bodyweight exercises in your room. Keep workouts in the schedule and try to leave some free time in daily routine.

Getting ready

Getting Ready

Not sure what your schedule will be? No problems, just take some time form your not so busy schedule and workout for some time. Don’t think a 15-minute workout will do no good and just do it. Stop being lazy and procrastinating so much and get up, it only takes a few minutes. Plus, it gives you the energy to enjoy remember! Explore and enjoy the holidays in workout clothes first, because they are super comfortable, second, they look good and beautiful on you, third you look good, and fourth you can workout anywhere in short bursts whenever you get the time. Here are some tips and tricks to dress properly, just dress appropriately according to the weather.

Getting equipped

Pack your workout plan, dedicate at least 15 to 20 minutes daily to work out. The time can be divided into groups too. Try to choose exercises that you can do without any machines like squats, lunges, pushups, jumping jacks, etc. By the way, some hotels have gyms that you can use, so search and ask for it if you are planning for that. Install some mobile apps to do the exercises properly or just follow your gym routine, which you are most probably familiar with. Morning run and late-night walks are refreshing and energizing. Take the step towards your fitness!

Avail the opportunity

Avail the opportunity

Most of the plans get derailed, mostly because of your jam-packed schedule. First of all, don’t do that. Secondly, avail of every opportunity you can to do some exertion. Walk as much as you can, don’t take elevators, take some extra steps daily, do night walks, play with kids (the best way), play games like soccer, badminton, etc., shove the snow off, mow the lawn, do some chores, and most importantly don’t be lazy and don’t procrastinate. 

Workout ideas on holidays

Here are some workout ideas for your holidays. You can include your favorite workouts if they are not already included but make sure to plan and pack accordingly.

Squat variations

Do squat variations, depending on your level (pro, beginner, or intermediate) try its variations. Pistol, plie, kickback, frog, jump, burpees, etc. Don’t rush it! 

Mountain climber

Beginning with push up position try to touch your chest with knees slowly, protect your face and chin from knees. Now get that leg back and try with another leg. Slowly increase the pace. Try its different variations. 


Stand on one leg and bend the other leg at 90-degrees in front and do the superman take off jumping into the air. As soon as you land do it again and again. Once done with one leg do with other leg and keep on switching.

Push-up variations

Push-ups are simple and everyone knows this. Just begin at the ground raising your body from it with just hands and feet touching the ground. And, just do push-ups. To get your posture right and perfect ask your trainer before going on holiday or install some mobile app. Try its different variations like leg raise, high push up, etc.


These are my personal favorite. There are many variations of this and focuses on your hips, hamstrings, and thighs. Single leg, Romanian could be done easily without weights.