How To Overcome The Motivational Loss for a Workout

The reasons for loss of workout motivation are different for all of us but it happens to most of us. So, today we are going to talk about how to overcome the workout motivational loss. But before that, let's have a look at how it all starts and why does it happen.

The start

Motivation Loss

You start going to a gym completely motivated and enjoy your workouts but with time it wears off and the time comes when you completely lost motivation. Now, going to the gym daily, sticking to a specific diet, not eating what you want all these things to annoy you. Skipping a day or two and cheating with meals adds more to the loss of motivation and then you are completely done with it. 

There can be several reasons for this but the solution is not like magic or happen overnight. It is important to understand the problem and solve that instead of just quitting. Firstly, see if the clothes you are wearing are suited for a workout, they might be the reason you get muscle pain, tiredness, or no growth. Workout clothes are created for exercising specifically. Second, sometimes the workout plan you are following is not suitable for you. It differs from person to person depending on body type. Motivational speeches, talks can help and boost motivation level but that is only temporary. Relying on motivation is not enough or recommended approach when it comes to health and fitness.

Why do you lose motivation?

Why you lose motivation

Our prefrontal cortex is responsible for handling short term memory, keeping focus, controlling will power and managing daily tasks. As it has too much workload it gets hard for it to maintain motivation at its peak, get you to the gym daily and still convince you to eat healthy daily and keep sweets and junk food away. Do you still think that motivational videos are a solution, a permanent one?

Hoping for strong willpower?

It is okay to hope and work for strong will power. It might be exactly what you need to do, start your day with a strong will power looking forward to working out. Go for an approach that strengthens your mind rather than increasing the intensity of the workout or focusing on meals.

Commitment and Persistence

Workout Commitment

Persistence and commitment to something can get you far better results than motivation and willpower. These are the thing that can turn your goal into a success if you do it right. Yes, it is truly committing to something that can get you to achieve your goals according to many studies. This can be done by setting short teems goals and working towards them until you reach it and then defining new goals working towards it and so on. Here is what you can do to keep yourself motivated at the gym!

A controlled experiment shows that a group that set goals and became consistent towards working it had achieved better results compared to the group that only became consistent but did not have any goals. Same goes for the diet, change your plans every week, get a change of things. Eating the same thing over and over can ruin the joy of it.

Take a break

Taking a short break now and then is important. Just like you would not want to eat the same thing each day every meal, even if you like it, exercising can be frustrating too. But remember not to take a too long break or returning and catching the pace could take time which can lead to motivation loss. Success is a journey and does not come overnight, have a huge poster in your home if it helps.

Reaching your destination will take years, keep that in mind and work accordingly. In the meanwhile, you do not have to keep working restlessly because doing that will ruin not only your physical but mental health. On one side you are working to make it better and one the other destroying it yourself. 

Why did you start?

Remembering and keep reminding yourself why did you start in the first place also helps. Think about how much time, money and energy you have invested in it, quitting it now will be throwing it all away. In fact, working out a little more towards the goal might even take you to the goal, at least it will bring you closer. Do it for yourself and not for others.