Here Is How to Include Exercise To Your Routine

If you have finally decided to get fit and started working out now it is time to stick to it. Skipping workouts every now and then will only keep you away from your goals. Fitness is a lifestyle that you can make a routine of your daily life. With these easy and simple steps, you can simply include more exercise into your daily. No, for this you do not have to step into the gym twice a day. We are not telling you to do that. Yet keeping oneself motivated is the biggest challenge after starting an exercise routine. 

Coming over the motivational loss is the second biggest challenge. But worry, not these are natural and happened to most of us. However, today you will know some effective tips and tricks to incorporate more exercise into your daily life. In the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed but will surely get adjusted to it easily. Without any further ado let’s get to it.


Morning Workouts

Morning workout

Get up about half an hour you do usually and workout. Just see some workout from the internet and do that, or consult your trainer and get some workout list to do in the morning. Take a bath, get fresh, do your breakfast, and off you go to work. Empty stomach workouts are great for fat burning and weight loss.

Avail the time you have

Use the time you would usually just stare at the wall or kettle while it boils water. Do some pushups, sit-ups, planks on your bed, or any other exercise in between tasks.

Morning walk with the dog

Sorry if you have a cat, they are not fond or walks. Anyways, going for a short morning walk with the dog can be a way to add exercise.

Walk to office

Walk to the office all the way if you can, or at least walk some part of it. Park the car far or get off one stop ahead.

Take the long route

If you are walking try to take the longer route to the office or maybe walk back home if you commute in the morning.


Noon Workout

Interval workouts

Almost all of us continuously sit for hours at our desks. Break the routine and do short exercises like jumps, squats, or walk after some time.

Office workout

Does your office have a gym, or can you work out at lunchtime? Great, after eating lunch wait for at least 10 minutes and then do have a run, lift some weights or whatever you like. If casual dressing is allowed you can wear your workout clothes to the office and easily exercise whenever you can.

Quick abs workout

While you pouring the coffee, waiting for the elevator, or talking to someone tighten and hold your belly in. Hold as long as you can and repeat.


Stretch your body, stand up, touch your toes when you can. Stretch while you are on a call or get up to get water.

Post lunchtime walk

After you are done eating at lunchtime, don’t just sit and be a couch potato. Get up and walk you can even tag along with colleagues. Try to increase the pace after some days. This will burn calories and freshen up your mind giving you power and energy to work efficiently after the break.

Do meetings while walking

If you are in such a position where you can alter the location of your meetings then why not have a walking meeting. It can be a reason to get out of the office and get some fresh air while not compromising work.

Get on your feet 

When you get the time or chance of getting on your feet, do so. But don’t just stand still, walk, do sit-ups, or lunges, etc. These little actions will not only help to incorporate energy and workout in your life but also will relax your glutes.


Evening exercise In Gym

Getting off work

When you are off work try to hit the gym on the way back. Walk back home or do some exercise while waiting for the bus.

Family time

Play with your kids, go for romantic walks with your partner, or get some personal time and play outdoor games.

Do what you like

Go for what you like or want. For instance, soccer, squash, indoor mountain climbing, dancing or martial arts are good exercise alternatives.

Boost the routine

Don’t waste time waiting for the mask to get dry. Just listening to the podcast laying down? Get up and do some exercise while listening to it. Or watch your favorite show running on the treadmill.

Strolls after dinner 

After dinner time is over, take your family to the park or go for a walk with the dog. Get some personal romantic time with your partner. This will help not only your relationship but your health as well.

Don’t sit idle

Even doing chores is better than sitting idle, at least you are moving. Cleaning the table quickly, getting plates washed, or setting up the dinner table, etc. are small tasks that mean a lot. 

You don’t have to do everything, just try to include as many things as you can into your daily routine. Don’t push it too hard if you cannot.