Correct These Common Workout Mistakes

Keeping the body and mind healthy is possible through workout and it is one of the best things that we do for ourselves. If you aren’t doing it start now and if you are; best of luck. But there is a problem, some of you are performing it wrong and it can cause problems, pain and much more. Sometimes it is doing the exercise wrong way other times it is doing wrong exercises, while sometimes it is just not the time. Workout and exercise hype is real, everywhere on the internet we see it, daily. While it is good to work out but here are the mistakes you should avoid, along with ways to correct them. 

Warm-up isn’t important

Warm Up Is Important  - Born Tough Blog

NO, the warmups are very important, it makes muscles flexible and ready. Muscles can get ripped because they are not as tough as the bones thus putting too much stress on them instantly, without warming them up, is not the right way. Talk to your trainer or get some help from professionals or friends doing the right warmups. 

Inappropriate clothing

Inappropriate Workout Clothing - Born Tough Blog

Wearing inappropriate workout clothing during exercise is one of the most common mistakes. Wear whatever you like all day long but during the exercise, clothes matter a lot. First comes the fitting, baggy and very tight clothes both are wrong, one gets in the way and the former restricts the movements. Then comes fabric and performance, sweat-wicking, breathability, and comfortable are the features and fabrics that offer these are recommended. Most workout clothes are a combination of either of these: cotton, spandex, polyester, and nylon.

Inappropriate Footwear

Inappropriate Footwear - Born Tough Blog

Yes, just like the body needs clothes feet need shoes. Footwear like flip flops or crocs is not meant to be worn during a workout. Whether it be inappropriate clothing or footwear it has an adverse effect on your workout and results. Proper shoes that keep you comfortable accompanied with moisture-wicking socks will help in acing the workout and focus. No one wants to see your feet and no one likes to smell them either. In addition to that, there are many benefits to wearing them. They protect the feet from cold, any small or sharp items on the floor, hitting your pinky finger in some machine, damage from weight drop on your foot and give you proper grip. Smelly feet can trigger headaches to some, keep that in mind. 

Wearing cologne - Born Tough Blog

There is no point in wearing cologne and perfume to the gym. even if you think there is, we would suggest otherwise. Is it a party or some meeting you are going to? A gym is a place where you’ll be working out and sweating a lot. Sweat mixed with cologne can cause a bad and annoying smell that results in headaches and second damage to the skin causing itchiness and allergies. It is just a waste of your cologne. By doing this you’re only making the situation worse! Hey, no worries if you used to do it, just don’t do it anymore! Follow these tips to unlock your workout potential and reach desired goals. 

Wearing jewelry at the gym

Wearing Jewelry In Gym - Born Tough Blog

There is a piece of jewelry that people just don’t take off, for most it is their ring. Yes, take that off, keep every type of jewelry off your body while you are working out and you can thank us later! Firstly, are you there to show off, second, hitting the jewelry against the metal can distort their shape and cause scratches on it. Oh, yes it can be scratched don’t count on it. Always keep it in a safe and secure place, if there isn’t one in the gym just leave it at home. 

Lifting too much weight

Lifting Too Much Weight - Born Tough Blog

Lifting too much weight too soon at the gym, or lifting more than you are capable of. No, don’t do it because the results will be a huge problem, it’s a risk not worth taking. Start off with light weights doing more reps and then add more weight. 

Not taking rest 

Not taking Rest - Born Tough Blog

Appropriate rest allows the muscles to heal and recover and muscles need 48 hours to heal properly. Sleeping is the best time for them to heal fast and properly. You can avoid working on the same muscles on consecutive days. Make muscle groups and come back to it at least 2 days later. 



Dehydration is something that should not be happening either you are working out or not. The list of all the benefits of drinking water can be found online. Notice the color of your urine, dark colored urine means dehydration and more urge of taking a piss means you are drinking too much. Keep a balance between these and you are all good.