Avoid These Workout Mistakes on Your Legs Day

Whatever your goal is, when you are working out don’t continuously skip leg day workout. If you are not doing that but still cannot gain strength in the lower body then the problem might lie somewhere else. As there are a lot of workouts you should do if you want to gain strength and build powerful legs. Similarly, there are some mistakes that you should avoid for the powerful lower body. Mistakes like technique errors, error or mistake in your routine, or some movements that you just don’t get right can ruin all your hard work, make you prone to injury or even work on the wrong muscles which will make you weak. Here are the workout mistakes you should be avoiding on your leg workout day. 

Not doing full range motion

Sumo Deadlift

While working out on the legs most of us don’t straighten or bend legs completely. Whether it be squats or whatever you have to do a full range of motion, which changes according to the workout. For instance, if you are doing deadlifts you would not bend legs completely. The full range of motion is very important when squatting. When bending down achieve a below parallel position. Just a half bend or half squat is also a squat but bending complete way through gives muscle strength and helps in better muscle gain. We know what you might be thinking, but full squats are bad for the knees. The science says they are not! They strengthen your knees helping them improve and keep the injuries away. But the reason your knees hurt could be that you are doing it wrong or lifting more than you should. 

Long and slow cardio workout


Some people just think of cardio if it is long enough that it makes your workout bottoms soaked. But you should also know all cardio workouts are not equal. So, hours and hours of jogging or treadmill running might be hurting your strength gains instead of improving it. How do you avoid this situation? You can simply reduce your cardio time and increase the intensity or go for high-intensity interval training, it is better and does not hurt muscle strength.

Don’t get rid of squats


If you don’t squat legs won’t get strong. Unless you have some sort of injury because of which you cannot squat, it is a must. There are many variations you can try when to get tired of one. 

Don’t go for the easy way out

Embrace the leg day

Embrace the leg day, a common measuring unit is if you can walk out of the gym without any problem, you didn’t work outright. Leg day is difficult and even a nightmare for some but if you don’t go through the pain you won’t gain. It sure hurts and it's no fun but it is important and there's no way around it. 

Similarly skipping squats is the same situation. Other leg workouts are important but squats have their own important position. Get out of the comfort zone and push your body otherwise, there is no point in working out.

Not adding more weight with time 

Not adding more weight with time

Imposing stress on the body adapts to it and improves itself to handle the stress better. After some time, the body completely adapts to the weight and routine that it does not have to improve. Thus, not improving your workout is a big mistake. You can improve by adding reps, sets, increasing weight, or taking short rest periods, etc.

Working out with arched back

Working out with arched back

We all know what the position of our backs should be while working out, whether it be the upper body or lower body. The back is not supposed to be arched. But many are guilty as charged of this sin. The problem is that they don’t recognize and correct this mistake they complain about the pain. It can be common among beginners but with time it should be perfected. The back should be flat or be in a straight line. However, it can be at an angle. The goal should be to always keep the spine between neutrally aligned to slightly arched. 

Rounding can give severe load on the disks. In the beginning, you won’t have any problem and one day a severe injury happens and now you cannot lift heavy weights at all. So, forget doing deadlifts or maybe even workout out. Injury to the disk is incredibly painful. Recovering from it is very expensive. The procedures often cost six figures. But the bad thing is that you are never completely recovering, meaning you might be able to lift lighter weights and get rid of the pain but if you ever lift heavy again it can cause severe damage again. Spending thousands you are never going to be the same again. Focus on proper form. 

Not having enough protein intake

Suggested Protein Intake Per Day

Workout out properly, no mistakes or errors in a workout but not having enough protein intake so that muscles can recover is also a big issue. If we start discussing nutrition here is would be out of the scope of this article. So, here we are only going to discuss protein a little, which is one of the most important for strength building. If you want to gain muscle and strength then the usual guideline is to eat at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. 

These are the leg workout day mistakes that I mostly see in the gym. Working on these will eventually make you progress maintaining a good form and strengthen the lower body. Follow these tips for injury-free strong legs.