Avoid These Drinks Before Starting A Workout Routine

Fluids are always recommended before, during and after a workout. And this is where many people end up making big mistakes. They, on their own, develop an understanding that fluids of all sorts are advantageous to the human body when you work out. However, this is in stark contrast with reality. Many fluids that amateurs and beginning take before, during and after their workouts are essentially harmful to them without them knowing. When these fluids are taken in, they wash away all the gains during the strenuous activity. Moreover, if you take them before the workout, you may experience cramps. Thus, it is very important to know about these fluids exactly to safeguard your workout gains. Head over to this blog post to learn how to safeguard your body from workout injuries as well.


Avoid Smoothies

Now, who doesn’t love smoothies? Everybody! You got that right! However, smoothies come with lots and lots of fats. They contribute to and are responsible for many stomach issues as well. It is, therefore, recommended to alter your direction and change your passage whenever a smoothie is making its way towards you. Before the workout, never delight your taste buds with a fatty smoothie. But when you’re done with the workout, it is perfectly okay to reward yourself with one. Why? Because it decreases body inflammation and aids quickly in fast muscle recovery.

Pulpy Juice

Pulpy Orange Juice

Pulpy juice is a great option as it helps reduce risks for diabetes. It also helps in maintaining good body weight. On the other hand, if you consume this drink before starting a workout, then you will surely be making a grave mistake. The high-fiber content in pulpy juices is slow to digest. As a result, one can suffer from cramping, constipation or diarrhea. And this is, definitely, not a good sign at all. An even bigger problem is that since fiber is slow to digest, it also limits the amount of available sugar and carbohydrates to your muscles. This affects your workout greatly. When the workout is over and about 3 – 4 hours have passed, feel free to drink this power-packed drink. However, moderation is key so be mindful.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

Now, sparkling water is indeed the heartthrob for many. However, the drink comes with compressed carbon dioxide and it's never a good idea for a fitness enthusiast to start drinking such fluids. It’s because the drink is fizzy, it can cause gas and bloat. This can, by all means, result in affecting your workout routine negatively. You will lose your heart and feel bad about yourself. Therefore, take extraordinary care in keeping complete care of yourself.

Bottled Juice

Bottled Juices

The trouble with bottled juices is that they seldom come with natural juice. Studies reveal that, normally, they contain less than 10 percent of the real fruit juice. If you are pouring in chemical substances in your bodies, then you can simply forecast the results yourself as well. Because of the high sugar content in the drink, you get high as soon as you drink. However, as soon as a few moments pass, you will feel more lazy and slow. This is because the sugar content in a single juice pack is very high. Instead of juices packs, opt for more natural options. For natural flavoring, simply squeeze a lemon or orange into the water and drink a very satisfying juice that contains no sugar at all!


Soda Drinks

Soda is a delicious drink, there is no doubt about it. For junkies, it is quite the favorite and boasts a huge fan following when it’s taken along with burgers. However, the refined sugar in soda is quite harmful to your body. It’s not even close to the carbs that you require for exercise. So, it’s best to look for more natural options.

Flavored Coffee Drinks

Flavored Coffee

Flavored coffee is a very bad choice if taken before a workout. Why? Because the drink comes with fat and sugar. This puts you at risk of gastrointestinal issues if you take it before a workout. It’s best to have coffee after taking a couple of hours’ rest after a workout. This too should only be done on a cheat day. 



Milk is a great food item to reap benefits from. The dairy marvel comes with beneficial vitamins that strengthen the bones greatly. A combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, milk is a winner. However, if you have a weak digestive system, it is quite difficult to digest it as well. Bear in mind that consuming milk before a workout session will not be beneficial if you have a weak stomach. But a good digestive system then it is totally okay to take it before after workout. With that said it’s best to go for a sip of this amazing natural product two to three hours after the workout.