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Advantages of Working Out with Cable Machines

Cable machines are not very popular as of right now, contrary to the benefits they offer. They are classic workout equipment; they might not be very popular but now but for sure they are trainers’ favorite machines. This is not just a coincidence, in fact, it is because of the number of benefits they have to offer. You might have seen them at your gym, the ones with slack weight connected with a cable through pulleys. 

Cable machines move only in one direction that makes your movements controlled and more accurate. Weight and fitness training are what these machines are mostly used for focusing one muscle at a time. Because the movements are controlled cable machines are great for newbies. There are many reasons to include cable machine workout in your daily workout routine, some of them are mentioned below.

Challenge to muscles

Challenge to Muscles

The cable machine is better than circuit machines if used correctly. Well, if you are going to use a weight machine let it be cable machines. We aren’t the ones saying it, fitness professional said that. Strength, balance, coordination and body movement all these things are controlled better by cable machines. For free and restriction-free body movement you should wear workout clothes.

Strong core

Stronger Core

What is the first thing that comes to your mind listening to the word core exercise? Probably not cable machines, but did you know that with cable machines you can turn any workout into core exercise. The way you hold and attach the cable to handle or grips defines everything. Cable machines challenge your muscles constantly that is why most fitness pros like it.

According to a professional fitness trainer, cable machine is best and preferred for strengthening your core and engage it in the right way. Pallof press is one of the ways it engages your body just the method. There are many other exercises that you can do with cable machines whether it be for core or fitness.

Full body workout

Full Body Cable Exercise

Cable machines are versatile you can have a full-body workout with just a cable machine that is adjustable. By just adjusting the arms, attachments, and weight just one machine is enough for the full-body workout by using attachments like handles, split ropes, ankle straps, straight bars, etc. This is the equipment with which you can work core and muscles, with different angles as you like. Is your gym very busy, do you have to wait and wait for some machine or fumbles to be free well not now because you know that just one cable machine can be just what you need for complete body workout? These are available in every gym whether it be your local gym or the hotel you are staying at. Buying a machine, yourself and making a spot at home is also an option. However, if you don’t want to do that either here are some workouts you can do without any equipment at home.

Exercise for all

Exercise For All

Cable machines are perfect for all, beginners, experts, everyone. They make you in control, for instance, working with a dumbbell or barbell and working on a cable machine, it is the cable machine where you are in control. On top of that, they prevent injuries from happening. At the end of your reps, when the body is constantly shouting you to drop it all, people often dead drop weights that cause injuries and sometimes damage to the gym. with cable machines you don’t have to worry about that, still dropping weights is not recommended.

Workout variety

Variety Workout

With time you get to know more and more exercises that can be done with cable machines. This allows you to adapt and switch between workouts without leaving your spot and working on the body constantly. Plus, you can work on the upper and lower body simultaneously.


Training on cable-based machine movements is closer to real life. It is a common misconception that the movements are restricted by the machine but in actual they are tamed and brought closer to perfection. Training on cable machines is like mimicking movements thus it greatly improves the balance.

Opposing force 

Working out on the cable machines puts an opposing force on the muscles, as your life and lower the weight a constant pull if felt. This helps in better growth of muscles because it is directly related to how much force is put on it. 

According to a certified trainer, we should try to involve more cable machine workout in our routine. For every body type and different goals, these machines have the workout you want. Feel it while you are working on it. If your muscles are not pumped right there might be something wrong. Stop, adjust your position, see if the grips and weight are right, and ask for help if you could not figure it out. There is always a chance or error.